November 23, 2012


Since we started this blog around August 2008 we don't think we can survive for 'blogging' until now. At that time we were influenced by some vintage/bundle t-shirt like xybundle, trendbundle, jambidarat, mata-kucing, etc. We started this blog because we are a labour of love for music and t-shirt. After more than four years of existing, we are decided to discontinue this blog forever. Other than that GOOGLE and Blogspot don't like us anymore, we have exceeded our photo upload quota. We don't want to delete or clear our old posting, lets them to be archived. So we are moving to our new blog, please visit for more items. To celebrate our four years of existing, don't forget to check out our 50% discount for the selected items. Thanks for your support, thanks for making punk a threat again. Cheers


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