October 9, 2011

Vintage 1993 UFO band Japan Return Tour T-shirt

Condition : A
Tag : no brand
Color : Black
Description: pre-owned/ bundle/ 
original/ copyright 1993/ single stitch
Size : L (armpit to armpit = 21.5", top to bottom = 30")
: RM 78
* UFO is a British hard rock/heavy metal band that was formed in 1969, with lead singer Phil Mogg, guitarist Mick Bolton, bassist Pete Way, and drummer Andy Parker. UFO was a transitional band between the rock of Led Zeppelin and the metal to come in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Their early releases are commonly referred to as “space rock” with obvious influence from the 60s rock scene. UFO’s influence was strongly felt in the ’80s metal scene and they have been cited as a primary influence of Kirk Hammett of Metallica, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, and Iron Maiden who gives thanks to UFO in the liner note of Number of the Beast…

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