July 8, 2010

MSN-02 ZEONG Gundam T-shirt

Condition : A
Tag : Mobile Suit Gundam
Description: pre-owned/ original/ bundle
Size : L (armpit to armpit = 21 1/2", top to bottom = 24")
: RM 40

* The MSN-02 Zeong is a fictional mobile suit designed by Kunio Okawara for the anime Mobile Suit Gundam. It has also appeared in many video games and other media, including, but not limited to, the PlayStation 2 titles Federation vs. Zeon, Encounters in Space and Climax U.C., the Gundam Battle Assault series of fighting games, Super Robot Wars, the motion simulator attraction Gundam the Ride: A Baoa Qu, and in its Perfect form, the PSP titles Gundam Battle Royal and Gundam Battle Chronicle.

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