October 25, 2011

EVANGELION Japanese Anime T-shirt (SOLD)

Condition : A
Tag : Evangalion
Color : White
Description: pre-owned/ bundle/ 
original/ seam on shirt
Size : M (armpit to armpit = 18.5", top to bottom = 25")
: RM 35
* Evangelion, is a commercially and critically successful Japanese anime series that began airing in October 1995. The series was highly influential, and launched the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. It garnered several major animation awards. The anime was created by Gainax, written and directed by Hideaki Anno, and co-produced by TV Tokyo and Nihon Ad Systems (NAS). Evangelion is an apocalyptic mecha action series which revolves around the efforts by the paramilitary organization Nerv to fight monstrous beings called Angels, primarily using giant mecha called Evangelions which are piloted by select teenagers, one of whom is the primary protagonist.

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