August 18, 2011

GLOOMY GRIM metal band longsleeve T-shirt

Condition : A
Tag : no brand
Color : Black
Description: pre-owned/ bundle/ 
Size : XL (armpit to armpit = 23", top to bottom = 29.5")
: RM 45

* It all began in 1984 as Hellstorm. Agathon got his first influences as a teenager from the bands like Venom, Hellhammer and Bathory. Hellstorm ended quite soon, but the title “Fuck The World, Kill The jehova!” remained. Gloomy Grim used it as the first demo name.The folklore tells, that Hellstorm was the first Black Metal band in Finland. At the time Agathon played guitar, but he got more and more into drumming. Agathon started Gloomy Grim as a one man band. The biggest inspiration has always been the dark life itself and the soundtracks of the horror films he collected. 

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